About Us

We are a talented syndication firm based in Seattle, Washington


We Earn Trust

If we say we will do something, we do it. Our teammates, partners, and investors know that they can rely on our information, services, and products. We do the right thing even when no one is looking.

We Push

Investing in your first property can feel like an uphill struggle. But our detailed roadmap, well-planned sprints, and clear milestones can push you over the finishing line. Momentum is our superpower.

We Question

To solve the hard problems, we need to ask the right questions. Research and data inform our decisions.

We Collaborate

We proudly work with leading developers, lawyers, property management, and more.
The Company COO

Jonathan Richards

At Noir, it is my job to ensure we keep our projects on track and genuinely passive for our investors. Construction projects and real estate transactions are MASSIVE endeavors involving numerous stakeholders and require months of coordination. My job is to keep all the puzzle pieces on the table so the Noir team can turn that puzzle into a cash-flowing asset. My background in Civil Engineering and real estate allows me to speak both the construction and investment languages (hence the bilingual skill on my LinkedIn). I transitioned to commercial real estate after managing the United States Army's massive real estate program in the Republic of Korea. Commercial real estate can be a monstrous undertaking and is an investment decision that should not be taken lightly. I invite you to join the Noir team and see how commercial real estate investment is made right!
The acquisition lead

Marcus Phillips

Marcus brings his experience in acquiring, owning, and managing cash-flowing properties in his personal portfolio and combines that with construction experience earned as a COR with the Corps of Engineers. For Noir, Marcus stays in contact with owners and brokers to keep Noir top of mind. He focuses on generating leads to get investors the best deals in the market.
Head of Investor Relations

Kimberly Hodgdon

My job is to keep investors informed and educated on Noir’s strategy and vision. I will keep you in the loop about your current investments and what we are working on next!  I cut my teeth in the securities market by earning my Series 7 and 63, and I stayed as a licensed stockbroker for several years. I’ve since jumped over to the corporate side of things to run equity compensation (a fancy word for stock stuff) at Netflix. My passion lies in making the complex simple, so if this is your first time diving into real estate—I’ve got you!